About Us

Purely Sweet by Paige is a whole food ‘no bake’ bakery specialising in luxury raw vegan desserts. All of our desserts are refined sugar and gluten free - perfect for people with and without food sensitivities.

Our founder Paige, created this unique business through the combination of a passion for baking and a drive to make indulgent, delicious desserts available for all those who suffer from varying dietary requirements. It also caters to the health conscious who are looking to improve their diet, yet still maintain a level of indulgence. 

Many typical ‘free from’ foods contain artificial sugars, sweeteners, flavours and preservatives however, all of the Purely Sweet by Paige products are made with whole, natural ingredients such as nuts and fruit and use only pure sources of sweetness, hence the name Purely Sweet.


We hope you enjoy our purely sweet treats as much as we love making them.